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electric honey.

Wow. Ich hab immer noch Gänsehaut, so wunderschön finde ich das Video „Songwrite After Dark“ von Shaz a.k.a. Electric Honey, einer ganz lieben Freundin, das sie mir gerade per SMS präsentierte.


Tolles Songwriting. Und sie sieht nicht nur im Video so nett aus. :-)

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like a hurricane.

Showing off again and therefore writing in english to reach a broader audience. ;-) No, just kidding. But there are indeed some people abroad I might to send the link to and as you good old germans will understand me anyway …

Last week, we (my sis, her finnish boyfriend and me) were heading north to the hurricane festival for a short visit. We were invited and spoilt by our dear dutch friend Judith whose friend even provided passes for saturday – the short notice and some chaos here at home made us miss the Foo Fighters that night even though they were so inviting … :-( But we made the trip on sunday – and it was extra exciting.

First, a stop at the hotel, then off to the festival area. By the way, that was a nice hotel, a decent room, a nice breakfast and swimming pool – but I hadn’t brought my bathing costume stuff anyway and would have been too tired … Ok, back to the festival. Goooood spot found to park the car (hey, there are indeed advantages of being late!) and then went to look for Judith, having a stroll around the area. It was so crowded (70.000 people if I remember correctly) and hot and humid, with thunderstorms having been forecast for the hurricane. Unlike the event two years ago, this one really had a lot of luck. No tents flying around, no huge thunderstorm desasters. Those just passed by 1 or 2 km!

We had good fun watching the Kooks from the stage. A little later, there was some lame music coming from somewhere … Oh, yes, Radiohead! I find them so annopying and overrated but you’re free to have another opinion of course. An opinion I just won’t approve of. ;-) Watching them from the stage? No way, there was another secret kind of handshake needed. Pff, I didn’t mind.

So off to the backstage chillout area. Nice. Just nice. Drank lots of usually disliked water because the air was so hot and humid, not healthy. Checked how the footie match (spain vs. what was it again? ;-)) and off we went to see Nada Surf.

Nada Surf at Terminal 5
Creative Commons License photo credit: SuburbanCowboy

Before we could get into the sauna tent (why couldn’t they just play on the other stage that was not in use at that time?) we had to get through the lines waiting there who kept on mumbling we had slept our way in. Pfff. It was a nice show with poor sound. Some of my favourite songs were missing but still, I enjoyed it a lot. Quite annoying to find some festival people making Nada Surf leave stage before having finished the full set – one song was missing … So it just didn’t feel „round“. Well, seen them so many times, will see them again, so I wasn’t that annoyed. But still, this festival has some annoying aspects to it. (Two years ago, they – whoever they may be – kept Nada Surf from playing at all because they decided to show another soccer match on the screens. It might have been really cool to show the match on the screens and just let Nada Surf play – but: no. So it was four songs(!) in the break.)

After the show, we had some french fries, went back there to relax, enjoyed some chitchat and finally went to our fabulous hotel room. :-) at least some of us did.

Is that report a bit too detailed? Might be. :-)

And there’s even more to see – like Judith’s fabulous pics.

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time for plan a.

noch ein halbes jahr.

it's about time ...

zumindest fast. und nur ein auftritt von nada surf in europa in diesem jahr, wie’s aussieht. dazu schlechte flug- und zugverbindungen in die schweiz. das ist traurig.

aber time for plan a find ich sehr inspirierend. wobei mir der arbeitstitel the downhill marathon auch sehr gut gefallen hat.

das banner hab ich mir von aurels seite gemopst, vom hüter des „grals“. ;-)

verhört: der weiße neger wumbaba und pearl jams yellow ledbetter.

verhören ist eine wundervoll amüsante nebenwirkung von kommunikation. das zeigt nicht nur das lustige büchlein, das ich grad lese

sondern auch dieses fantastische kleine video, über das ich gestern zufällig gestolpert bin:


ich find’s herrlich – und werde wohl nie erfahren, wie’s genau wirklich heißt:

„The quintessential misheard lyrics song! A true 90’s classic, this may be one of those rare songs that NOBODY has ever really heard the true lyrics!!! It may even be a mystery to the band!“

make me fries! :-) Weiterlesen

pearl jam in düsseldorf: breath.

tina on tour, diesmal beim fulminanten heimspiel im düsseldorfer iss dome. ich werd euch später noch mit mehr videos und bildern nerven, aber erstmal kommt hier nur ein klitzekleines handyvideo von „breath“ – eine echte rarität, das spielen pearl jam nämlich nur gaaanz selten. auf früheren konzerten wurden sogar schon flugblätter mit dem songwunsch verteilt …

breath flugblatt