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bringing sexy back.

for something completely different: the day after the pj show, yesterday, we went to see justin timberlake. wow, quite a contrast but a good one. the show was good and huge with screens and effects and everything but unfortunately, the sound was quite poor and the climate inside the westfalenhalle was hard to bear. but nevertheless, it was a funky, sexy experience!


just like one would expect, the crowd consisted mainly of blonde hairdressers or apprentices. the timberlake crew was quite huge, so some people were meant to pick girls from the audience and give them vip passes for the aftershow whatever. ;-) those who work hard, deserve some …, i guess. well, strange nevertheless.

i could absolutely have done without the performance of mr. timbaland who took over for what felt like hours. but a good occasion to go out, have a drink and some oxygen. Weiterlesen

a bit britney.

i knew britney says it best.

Personality Quote: Quotes from Britney Spears
You can’t help but change a little bit, but on the inside I’m still completely the same person.

i’d really like to give credits to all the pages and links that led me to this fabulous site but i got completely tangled up in references, i just cheerfully clicked along. but i do remember my little blog-travel started with antjes blog entry.

and there’s this riesenmaschine entry playing a major part on my journey. ;-)

that page also claims a matt glaze is supposed to be the new black – at least as far as cars are concerned. i’ll have to tell one of my customers about that so he can be the first to offer the new black to the regional market.