how to get nothing done by christine kane.

durch die brust ins auge – christine kanes beitrag zum thema „how to get nothing done“:

2 – If you scheduled a take-action task, ask yourself how you “feel” about doing it.

Try this: Schedule a visit to the gym before your work day begins. Set your alarm for 5am. When the alarm goes off, ask yourself the following: “Do I feel like getting out of my flannel sheets? Do I feel like traipsing out to my car and driving in the dark to a room where I will – under the pasty green glow of florescent lights – pedal in place for 35 minutes as guys named Jimbo create tremors in the building when they throw down their thousand pound dumbbells with a loud “Huuuuuuuuuuhrrrrhhh!”? Do I feel like hearing Gwen Stefani sing about bananas in the background of this scene?

What do you think your answer will be? Of course you won’t feel like it. You feel like flannel!

Here’s a secret: As long as you ask yourself if you feel like it, you won’t ever feel like it. So, keep asking yourself if you feel like it.

3 – Say “I think I’ll just check my email” before you begin.

Do I really need to say anything more about this one?

und weitere recht aufschlussreiche gedankenspielchen gibt’s da. passend dazu noch den artikel zur inneren „who-do-you-think-you-are“-Stimme.
übrigens ist „i think i’ll just check my blog before i begin“ auch ne nette variante …

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